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Coping With Tinnitus

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Coping With Tinnitus – The Natural Way

Coping With Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a symptom and not a disease. Simply speaking it’s the “sensation of hearing noises in your ear or head when there is no external cause”

At any one time it’s estimated to affect between 10 and 15% of adults worldwide and around a third of us all at some stage in our lives. It’s THAT common!

About Tinnitus

There are two specific types of Tinnitus:

Subjective Tinnitus: This is by far the most common type. It’s when the patient can hear sound when there is no acoustic stimulus. These sounds can only be heard by the sufferer.

Objective Tinnitus: This type is not at all common. In this case the sounds are generated by vascular structures located near the ear (vibrations, increased blood flow etc). On occasions it’s loud enough to be heard under examination.

Causes are varied – hearing loss or problems, exposure to loud noises, ear infections, stress, excess ear wax, dental problems, head trauma, certain medicines and various medical problems affecting the ear can all be contributory factors.

Just as the causes are varied so too are the sounds. Buzzing, hissing, ringing, humming or whooshing sounds are commonly reported. Occasionally it may be in the form of musical hallucination. The volume and pitch will differ also, you may experience just one type of sound and sometimes multiple sounds. It may also be constant or come and go.

That’s why every case is different to the next – no two are the same.

So … what can we do about it and what’s the cure for Tinnitus? That’s where we’re hoping that we can help!

Coping With Tinnitus

The bad news first of all … there’s no cure for Tinnitus. That’s not to say there won’t be one in the future as research into the condition continues at pace but, right now, if anyone promises you a cure then prepare to be disappointed.

Treatment therefore is all about Tinnitus management and coping with tinnitus. It’s about learning to live with it to the point that you don’t notice it and it no longer affects your life. And that’s exactly what this site is here for – to introduce you to techniques, lifestyle changes and products that can all help you in coping with tinnitus.

It’s important to note, we’re NOT medical experts or professionals. We do however share the experience and frustration of all fellow sufferers. This website is therefore focussed on general information and natural treatment for tinnitus. It goes without saying that you should always seek medical advice and opinion first.

Tinnitus – All You Need To Know

An easy to read but in-depth questions and answers type feature detailing the basics of everything you need to know about tinnitus.

Types, causes, symptoms and all the questions you can think of – it’s all covered here. You can also ask your own questions on anything tinnitus related.

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Natural Treatments For Tinnitus

This section concentrates on all the main natural treatments for coping with tinnitus.

From cognitive behavioural therapy, to hypnosis, to alternative treatments and lifestyle changes that can help. We’ll introduce you to all the main options, providing easy to understand features on each. As new treatment options become available we’ll list and detail them here.

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Tinnitus Treatment Reviews

There are a number of products and programs which are specifically designed to help in coping with tinnitus.

From natural supplements to white noise machines to self-hypnosis and self help programs. In this section we’ll look at them all, link you to further information and give our opinons where we can.

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Tinnitus Information Pages

This is our blog. It contains a growing number of posts on natural ways for coping with tinnitus and all things related.

Keep checking back as more and more content is planned and latest news, developments and breakthroughs will all be listed in this section. If there’s anything you’d like to see just ask and we’ll look into it for you.

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We are NOT medical professionals - if you are concerned about hearing problems or tinnitus you should always seek professional, medical advice.