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My partner has struggled with tinnitus for as long as she can remember and, as a result, I know how bad tinnitus is and the way it can affect your life.

With no official medical cure we decided to try and find other ways to make it better and have put most herbal and natural solutions to the test and tried out most treatment programs and checked out many books and resources.

Anything reviewed on this site has been tried out and found to have had a beneficial affect but we are not experts and, as we all know, what works for some may not work for others. We therefore suggest that you use this site for reference but make sure you do your own research before parting with any of your hard earned cash!

As a result of our efforts we have put together this website with the intention of building it up into a large, independent tinnitus website that is able to link visitors with potentially beneficial programs, products and resources.

In the interests of complete transparency we do not sell the products from our website. Any product links will take you to the official vendor websites where you can read more about the products and, should you decide to, buy direct. If you do make a purchase we may receive a commission but, rest assured, this does not mean you will be paying an inflated price. Just wanted to be clear on that!

The Tinnitus Site is divided into three easy to navigate sections:

Check back regularly as we will be adding more and more content over the coming months and years

Tinnitus is officially defined as “the perception of sound within the human ear not including the perception of sound outside the ear”. It’s basically a noise heard by the sufferer that appears to be originating in the ear or the head. It affects a very high proportion of the worlds population – about 1 in 5 or 20% to varying degrees and an various ways. To some it’s a buzzing, others a ringing, whistling, roaring, humming … the list goes on. For many it is constant and for others it comes and goes or appears worse in certain situations such as when in a quiet place or trying to get to sleep.

Tinnitus is something you might have to live with for the rest of your life. Some of you must be having it real bad whilst others may hardly notice it at all. At, the focus is on providing you with all the necessary details that could help you in possibly overcoming the stress, frustration and pain involved.

All the best and we really hope you find the treatment that works for you!

We are NOT medical professionals - if you are concerned about hearing problems or tinnitus you should always seek professional, medical advice.