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tinnitus treatment options - stop the ringingThe most effective treatmnt options to stop the ringing will be dependant on the root cause of your tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a very common problem, and obviously, there are a number of methods that are available to treat the condition. Although it’s unlikely that it will go away entirely, there are ways to lessen the impact of the sounds you are going to hear when you are experiencing this condition.

There is no cure for tinnitus at the moment. Rest assured though, research is ongoing and progressing towards this ultimate goal.

Whilst you may not be able to cure it there are ways that can treat tinnitus and lessen or even stop the ringing. So let’s have a look at a few treatments that may work for you.

Tinnitus Treatment Options

First Step To Stop The Ringing.

Due to the fact that tinnitus is a symptom of another problem (not the actual condition itself), before deciding on the right tinnitus treatment options for you, you must first diagnose and determine the condition, which is responsible for the ringing and buzzing. A medical exam that checks the underlying reasons for tinnitus will help determine what the actual problem is. It will also help a professional determine what the best treatment for you might be. A full evaluation will establish the root cause and identify any hearing loss that is associated with tinnitus. Some of the underlying causes for the symptoms include:

  • Impacted ear or an ear infection.
  • Middle ear tumors.
  • Meniere’s disease or middle ear problems; and other causes.

First – Seek Medical Advice.

Before immediately turning to any of the tinnitus treatment options we strongly recommend that you first visit an audiologist. This is going to allow a medical professional to determine if hearing loss is present. It will also determine what other auditory conditions the individual might be dealing with. Since tinnitus can’t be measured, the audiologist uses a subjective approach, and asks the patients questions (which ear the ringing is in, how loud is it, what is the pitch?, etc).

Once the audiologist determines the condition, the severity, and root cause, then you will discuss the different tinnitus treatment options available to you, and which ones are best for your condition.

Natural Ways To Stop The Ringing In The Ears

Natural tinnitus treatments CAN make a difference. Read our tinnitus treatment reviews to find out more information and options.

Recommended treatments include Tinnitus Control. This is homeopathic spray made from 100% natural and safe ingredients. It can really reduce the effects of tinnitus and has been reported to stop the ringing.

Tinnitus Control may not be an instant solution but is proven, in fact guaranteed, to make a difference. You’ll need to use it over a period of time though. Read our Tinnitus Control Review .

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Like other personal conditions one might experience, hypnosis is one of the best options available for treatment. You have two options. You can either go a visit a local hypnotist who specialises in treatment of this kind. We suggest you do plenty of research to make sure they are well respected and highly recommended first. There will likely be several visits and it can work out a little expensive though.

Alternatively, why not try a self-hypnosis program. Tinnitus Treatment is incredibly cost effective (at less than $15) and comes with a money back guarantee. Better still … it works! We know many people who have learned to better manage the condition using this program and it’s really improved their lives.

We love this program. It doesn’t pretend to cure tinnitus and it doesn’t cost much. Read our Tinnitus Treatment Review >>>

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Silencers & Maskers.

Another of the tinnitus treatment options is to use tinnitus maskers. These devices won’t stop the ringing but will lessen the sound, severity, or pitch of the sounds that you hear. So, although this does not get rid of the ringing, it is a proven and recognised way to lessen the noise levels you hear. This device can help you sleep better and concentrate better. It will allow you to function a little closer to normality without hearing such a high pitched sound in the ear. The masker looks like a hearing aid. It’s basically a device used as a distraction so it helps you forget about the ringing sound.

Tinnitus Management Programs.

There are a number of specialist but proven management programs that can really make a difference to sufferers. For example why not take a look at a few or our favorites and consider if they could work for you:

Tinnitus Miracle is the #1 best selling treatment /cure program. It’s helped tens of thousands of men and women in more than 127 countries worldwide. Thousands have been able to COMPLETELY eliminate all tinnitus symptoms and been able to entirely rid themselves of the relentless ringing or buzzing in their ears.

Tinnitus Miracle is one of the most well known and recognised program of its kind. Read our Tinnitus Miracle Review.

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Counselling & Habituation Therapies.

By discussing the condition, the reasons you experience it, and the occurrence or frequency, professionals might be able to help individuals lessen the severity of the tinnitus. Although this is a holistic approach to treatment, in many cases certain individuals will not qualify for surgical procedures, or other more drastic approaches, if the ringing is only minimal, and is not affecting other senses.

Hearing Aids.

If you experience loss of hearing, along with the ringing, then hearing aids may be one of the tinnitus treatment options available to you. The hearing aid can help lessen the buzzing and ringing, especially if the hearing loss is extreme. When you go back to the right hearing level, and can hear your normal surroundings properly, it can help mask the noises associated with tinnitus.

Sound Machines.

These devices, whether it is the soothing ocean sounds, or sounds of falling rain, can also help to soothe the intensity of the tinnitus you experience. If you experience the tinnitus at night, or if you are in quiet conditions, these machines can provide a great benefit to you. They can help downplay the severity of the tinnitus that you do experience.

Foods & Diet.

Certain foods (or diet changes) can be used to help treat the condition. Low sodium foods are a particularly good option. Since hypertension is an underlying cause of tinnitus, if your diet is too high in sodium, you are going to experience the loudest noises. By making simple modifications to the diet, you can treat the condition.


Unfortunately this is not going to provide long term results, but there are some medications that can help lessen the severity of the symptoms. Drugs like xanax (anxiety medication) or anticonvulsant medications (help to prevent seizures), have had some benefits for individuals trying to treat tinnitus.


The most drastic of the tinnitus treatment options is a surgical procedure. This is generally only done if there are problems with the senses (other than the ringing, hearing loss, visual or smell). The surgical procedure can help those who experience severe conditions of tinnitus, where they are not able to function because of severe migraines from the ringing, or have trouble concentrating because of it. Surgery for this condition requires a high degree of specialization, and is generally only performed in the rarest occasions, by specialists that have performed it before.

There are many different tinnitus treatment options to consider, when you are trying to treat the tinnitus symptoms you are experiencing. In most cases, people tend to deal with it, and live with the condition. But, if it is something that impairs your ability to do other things, or to properly function because it is so bad and distracting, in these occasions you might choose to visit a specialist, to determine what to do, what the best form of treating your condition is and how to stop the ringing.


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