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Tinnitus Control Review

Tinnitus, as you’ll undoubtedly be aware, is an incredibly frustrating condition that can drive the sufferer mad with its incessant buzzing, ringing or whistling in the ears. It is a very common complaint that affects around 1 in 5 people to varying degrees. In severe form tinnitus can really have a significant and detrimental effect on quality of life.

It is most often caused by age-related hearing loss, ear injury or a circulatory system disorder. The most common cause by far is exposure to really loud music or noise. Over 90% of cases are caused by such noise exposure be it loud music, mechanical equipment etc. The constant loud noise affects the ears tiny inner cells which, when damaged, then give off the high pitched noise in your ears. It’s this noise that is called Tinnitus.

The noise itself really is very unpleasant and seems to be there constantly. Whilst there is no actual cure right now, there are ways to treat tinnitus. Help is out there and one of the most effective treatments comes in the form of a medication called Tinnitus Control Spray. It’s described as a miracle worker when it comes to tinnitus!

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Tinnitus Control – The Basics

Tinnitus Control targets the ringing in your ears. It’s a one off … a completely natural homeopathic spray that can silence the noises associated with tinnitus. Simply spray in the mouth and Tinnitus Control is rapidly absorbed through the mucus lining in your mouth and hits the spot to provide the ultimate tinnitus relief.

The ingredients in the spray have long been a favorite of homeopathic practitioners. They are proven effective to specifically target symptoms associated with Tinnitus. Ingredients that are not just effective but completely natural. Therefore providing a safe way to help silence the ringing in your ears.

The Tinnitus Control program is a two pronged attack.

  1. It consists of a completely natural, homeopathic spray that’s proven to dramatically reduce the effects of tinnitus and the ringing in the ears.
  2. There’s also an additional dietary supplement in the form of a capsule to be taken orally twice a day. This targets the overall health of your ears.

Tinnitus Control Spray

The spray itself isn’t sprayed into the ear as you might assume. Instead it’s two simple sprays, three times a day, under the tongue. This makes it really simple, convenient and discrete to administer. It’s then absorbed through the lining under the tongue which means it gets to work almost immediately.

All the ingredients are natural and homeopathic. There are no side effects and it’s completely safe to use.

The spray itself contains:

  • Arnico 30x
  • Kail Phosphoricum
  • Chininum Sulphuricum
  • Pulsatilloa
  • Thiosinaminum
  • Silicea

These natural homeopathic ingredients are historically proven to treat many and varied ailments. Combined into the correct formula and they are proven to have a beneficial effect on tinnitus too. It’s non-toxic, with no negative side effects. Used as directed it can put a stop to the noises in your ears and provide an all-natural relief from Tinnitus.

Tinnitus Control Supplement

Two, all natural, dietary supplement capsules taken twice each day support the treatment and enhance the lasting effects.

These supplements contain (amongst other ingredients):

  • Zinc
  • Deodorised Garlic
  • Ginkgo Biloba

Does It Work?

If you’re looking for an instant cure then we’re sorry but this isn’t it. In fact, when it comes to tinnitus and, regardless of what others may say, there’s no such thing as an instant cure! In fact Tinnitus is one of those conditions which doesn’t have a cure. However, thousands of people have found relief from tinnitus by using this spray as directed over a period of a few months. What’s more, the relief from the constant ringing in the ears has been long lasting.

So, what are real users saying about this product?

Tinnitus Control Reviews

There are many tinnitus treatments out there but Tinnitus Control Spray is one of the most highly regarded. Mainly because it does everything that it claims.

Tinnitus Control Spray has helped thousands of people with the ringing in their ears. It’s not an instant solution but used over a period of several months it’s proven to make a difference in many cases.

Just read some of the actual testimonials from real people.

Mark from California states:

My wife found your product about 5 months ago. She was exhausted with having to put up with my grouchiness because of my ear noise and not being able to hear very good.

My family doctor and the ear specialist told me to put up with it as best I could. The funniest thing was that they both told me basically “to try not to pay attention to it.” That is easy to say, but it is like saying to someone to ignore the sound of a locomotive next to you.

I would say it took about two or three weeks before I was pretty sure the high pitched whine I suffered with since my military service of 32 years was going away. About a month after that it was almost gone and I felt like a new man. Today I have absolutely no tinnitus and I can hear sounds around the house and at work that were always there but I was totally unaware of. I feel like I have a new lease on life. This is great.

You guys really changed my life and I tell everyone who will listen to me. The more I talk about Tinnitus Control the more I am shocked about the number of people who are just living and suffering with their ear noise problems because that is what they were told to do. I am living proof it can be done. Thanks again.

Of course, nothing works for everyone.

Verified purchaser zoki stated:

This product does not work you just going to waste your money.
I will not be purchasing this product again.

But for other verified users it did have a positive effect

moWOW57 says:

Good Formula For Tinnitus.

Many web sites I’ve researched suggest using this product. So far it seems to help my tinnitus. I use this along with other supplements to battle the daily noise. I will be buying more.

Ron H backed this up:

Takes a while to start working, but it definitely helps me.

Tinnitus Control Spray Review

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About Tinnitus Control

The company manufacturing Tinnitus Control were founded back in 2002. It’s a trusted name in Health and Beauty. They are a reputable member Natural Products Association and are dedicated to providing safe and effective products (not just tinnitus) that help people improve their lives.

Tinnitus Control is FDA Registered. It’s proven to relieve the symptoms of Tinnitus and helps stop the constant ringing in ears.

Tinnitus Control is only available from the manufacturer’s official site. The site address is

Product can be shipped to many countries all over the world and very quickly too. One can buy Tinnitus Control in UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand (NZ) etc – just one simple online order.

Although the price might fluctuate from time to time, one is guaranteed to receive the product at optimum prices by ordering it from the official site itself. That way you’ll get the best price and the guarantee. There are usually some special offers on the site too, including a free offer right now.


Tinnitus Control relieves the symptoms of tinnitus and helps stop the constant ringing noises. It’s completely natural homeopathic formula that’s 100% safe with no risks at all. Used as directed it could have a really positive effect. It may just provide the relief that you are looking for.

We therefore have no hesitation in recommending that you try Tinnitus Control Spray and hope that you will be delighted with the results that this treatment can provide. It can help you to hear clearly again and enjoy life without the constant annoyance of buzzing or whistling noises.

As we said, Tinnitus Control is available direct from the manufacturer’s website. You can visit the official website HERE and read more about the product and actual user reviews before deciding if it’s right for you. Don’t miss out on the current free offer and a money back guarantee – it’s worth checking out. Simply find out more here >>>.

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